Permanent Placement

Everyone knows, the hiring process could be a nightmare – a drain on precious time, energy and resources.  It’s important to get it right! We understand that you will spend most of your day with the people that you work with.  With that being said, JMS Technical Solutions takes seriously the importance of finding not only the best technical fit, but also the candidate that will fit in with your team.  Organizations are only as good as the people behind them.  We only look for the best and the brightest to help take your team to the next level!

When hiring a full time employee, we encourage you to meet with as many candidates as you would like until you feel that you found the best available person.  We also provide a 100% guarantee, so if for some reason the person does not work out, we will make sure to replace the candidate for you free of charge!

Price: 20% of base salary, with a 90 day guarantee period.