Recently, The Buffalo News approached us to get our thoughts on changes in the recruitment space over the years.  Without question, there have been lots of changes in the recruitment industry since I got my start in 2001.   As I got to thinking about the changes, it occurred to me that many aspects in the recruitment space are exactly the same in 2017 as they were 15+ years ago!

Just like Old Faithful, these will stay constant over the next 15 years.

It’s STILL all about your network

It’s not enough to simply have a LinkedIn Recruiter account to be a great recruiter.  Hiring managers and recruiters should always be cultivating the next employee.  Just like in the days before LinkedIn, it’s still important to always be interviewing for your next position, way before you need to fill the spot.

Robots and AI have not and will not replace human recruiters

A constant over the past 15 years has been that the recruitment industry will die.  The latest worry to many is that recruitment will become automated and replaced with computers or robots.  In my view, this will never happen.  Of course, there will continue to be advances with tools that human recruiters can use (see Virtual Reality) however the secret sauce to a great recruiter will always be the human touch.   This is and always will be a ‘people’ business.

Job Boards are still useful

Job boards are still helpful for finding candidates who are actively searching for a new position.  There are many generalist job boards on the market that serve a purpose.  Job boards are still useful, although the future is moving towards niche sites such as 43 North winner HigherMe, and other industry sites such as and location specific sites like

What do you think?

There are a lot of veterans in the Recruitment industry and others who have been hiring and building great teams out there.  Leave a comment below!  I’d love to hear from you and see what you think has stayed constant over the years.