Hiring managers, you can no longer ignore Glassdoor.

Candidates are going to the site and doing their homework and chances are you lost talent due to negative reviews. Love the site or hate it – you can no longer ignore it.  And as you might know, it’s a candidates market these days!

Don’t let a few unhappy individuals have undue influence!

Ex employee

In the past few weeks, we had two candidates almost turn down interviews based on what they read on Glassdoor.  My standard response is that ‘ it’s usually just a few unhappy people that are yelling the loudest’ and that they should make their decision based on their impression after the interview and also try to reach out to current employees.   The disgruntled few that are complaining might also be with a different group, etc.

I advise them to not always trust what they read on Glassdoor as my colleague Kaylynn wrote last year.

With that, HR and Hiring managers have to now ask (OK, insist) that their star and happy employees write an honest and authentic account of their experiences with the company and the group they work in.  No company is a Utopian paradise of unlimited Lattes, amazing cafeterias, treadmill desks, on site gym and pool – candidates do not expect every organization to be a Facebook or Google campus, but when they read many negative reviews there is a chance you can be losing great talent for no reason.   The negative few could be having undue influence!

Now, your company might also have legitimate problems that need to be addressed.  Managers need to use the Employer response option to not engage in a back and forth, but simply to show potential new candidates that you are indeed listening.

Whether you love Glassdoor or hate it, you can no longer ignore it!  ‘Ask’ your happy employees to write a review today!

Happy employees