YES!  The recruiting world is much different than it was ten years ago. Before every interview, we go online and check out the applicants social channels. Your online presence is a representation of you in the eyes of your potential employers.

Here are some tips to clean your social media presence before applying for any job.

The Profile Picture- First impressions matter!


No, surprisingly enough an employer will not be impressed by your ability to smoke or your unique skill to be able to talk on the phone with not one, but two beers at the same time. These types of profiles may seem ridiculous but employers run into profiles with these types of photos more than you may think.

Checking Your Privacy- Most social media outlets have the option to make your profile private. Keep your online presence to just yourself. All employers will be able to see is your profile picture and on some sites your cover photo. Only your approved friends will be able to see your profile and the photos/posts you have, which is really the way it should be.

What You Like- On certain platforms, if you are not a private profile, people can see what you have liked and shared. Be cautious of this. Of course you have the right to like whatever you want, but an employer seeing you liking/sharing something that could have a negative effect on the company could result in you not getting the job. It is perfectly fine if you are passionate about legalizing weed, but a profile where all you do is like and share posts about marijuana could result in your potential employer imagining you like this guy:

Social media plays a vital role in the recruiting process. First impressions really matter!

The safe option is to always keep your profiles clean and friendly. Keep this thought in mind, if you wouldn’t want your potential employer to see it, then delete it. It is as simple as that, and taking the extra time to organize and cleanse your social media from anything negative could be the difference between landing the job or not even making it through the door.