We recently went through a hiring process on the home-front, seeking a nanny to help with our new twin girls and 2 year old son.  The interview process left us two front runners and once again raised the question – should you hire experience or other factors?

One candidate had the perfect resume, having had really great experience working with kids, loads of certifications, etc.


The other candidate had less experience, but really felt like she would mesh well with the ‘team’.

We chose the personality and culture fit, over experience.  In this case, while we thought experience could have taught some new methods, she might not be open to the way we do things.

This got me thinking back to work and the way organizations hire.   We see hiring managers who go both ways – some who only seek deep experience and others who are more flexible on experience, if they have other attributes.

This image and quote has been going around on LinkedIn lately:

Culture eats strategy

I wonder, does culture also eat experience for breakfast?  Leave a comment or message me, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Would you rather hire someone with vast experience or someone that may have less experience but fits in the company culture?