Are LinkedIn Endorsements valuable?

My thoughts on this: no.

I have been endorsed for many different “skills” that I may have, see below.


It shows that I do have some skills that are true such as “recruiting” and “social networking” but it also shows skills that I do not have. For example, I have been endorsed 2 times for “facebook” yet I haven’t had a facebook account since I graduated college in 2011.

This makes me wonder if people actually look at the endorsement section of LinkedIn. In March 2013, LinkedIn reported that they reached 1 Billion Endorsements . I wonder how many endorsements are from people who have worked with the endorsed, or if they’re just from strangers who are hoping to get endorsed themselves.


LinkedIn endorsements can be quite valuable if used correctly.  Unfortunately, the ‘endorse me be endorsed back’ mentality has ruined this great opportunity for quick and easy recognition, valuable data mining, etc.

Let me know what you think about this. Are LinkedIn Endorsements valuable?