Last week, my colleague Kaylynn wrote a post about Making a good first impression on LinkedIn.  While first impressions are very important, your final impression provides an important opportunity that you should take advantage of.

Thank You

The Thank You note is your last chance.  If the hiring company is on the fence or if it is a close call between you and another candidate, this is the opportunity for you to make a great final impression.  Use the opportunity to your full advantage!

Much has been written about penning a Thank You letter after an interview, so I’ll skip over the basics and share a few ideas and best practices that I’ve seen to help you make the greatest impact.

1. Skip the emailed note and spend a few bucks to Fed Ex the letter or card.

  • How many emails do you get in a day?  How many Fed Ex packages do you receive in a day?  Emails get buried in in-boxes and quickly forgotten. Take the time to Fed Ex a letter to each person you met with.

2. Be quick with the cliches and get to the value you provide

  • So many thank you notes are simply ‘Thank you for taking the time to meet with me …blah blah blah’.  Take notes in the interview where the manager is feeling pain – and address how you can help.  Be very specific and reinforce how your skills and experiences can help ease their pain

3. Avoid the group Thank You letter and send a unique note to each person.

  •  Each person who took the time out of their day to meet you should receive a unique Thank You note.  Avoid sending one note addressed to all and take the time to send a unique letter to each person.

Do you have any other great ideas for a ‘Thank You’ letter?  What was the best one you received?  I’d love to learn from you, so please leave a comment!