The first interview was great, the second even better.  This is the perfect opportunity for you.  The recruiter calls to present the offer and it’s $20K less than you were expecting…what happened??  How can you go back and ask for $20K more?

Did your recruiter ‘blow up’ the deal?  This is one scenario of many where the relationship with your recruiter can either make or break it for you.

We hear all of the complaints on LinkedIn and elsewhere about recruiters, but we like to focus on solutions.  Here are some practical tips to make sure that things go smoothly.

Questions to ask/qualify your recruiter:

A) Are you working directly with the end client?
B) How long have they been a customer? (it’s OK if it’s a new customer)
C) Will they meet you in person?

Set mutual expectations:

A) On how you will communicate- mutual responsiveness, when to expect responses, etc.
B) Process from start to finish
C)The job you want – from culture, to skills, compensation, location, etc

Be Transparent – nobody likes surprises!

A) Are you truly ready to make a move, or just window shopping?
B) Interviewing for other positions? It’s OK and expected and helpful for your recruiter to know where you are at
C) Not interested / very interested? Let your recruiter know either way.

I hope some of these are helpful but I’m sure I’ve left out lots of tips. What have you found useful and helpful to have a positive outcome with your recruiter?

Please leave more suggestions in the comments!