Sometimes, as recruiters it feels like we are fighting an upstream battle.  Recruiters, very often justifiably, have earned a reputation as used car salesmen and only in it to close the deal.



I get it, there are bad recruiters. But just like in any profession, you will find folks that do a great job and others that you would not recommend. There are bad doctors, bad teachers and bad police officers.

But at the same time, there are many good recruiters out there.  Undercover Recruiter has a great article on How To Spot A Good Recruiter.

A good recruiter will take the time to get to know you, and only contact you about positions that should be the logical next step in your career or very good opportunities for you to consider.  It can take time for you to get to know and find a good recruiter, but it is time well spent.  If the recruiter is in fact good, they have also taken the time to know the client. They want to make sure, not only that you’re a good fit for the client, but that the client is a good fit for you!

One argument that I have seen repeatedly is that a recruiter will not stop calling a candidate and even try to call their work just to speak with them. While I understand that this may be frustrating, I think candidates should at least hear them out about the position. You may not be looking right away but who knows what will happen tomorrow.

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