What We Offer


Your most important asset is your people. We work with you to ensure the IT talent we provide is the optimal fit for both the job and your company culture.


Sometimes additional resources are needed to achieve major deliverables. We can help keep your projects on target with our contingent workforce.


The IT landscape is constantly evolving. We have subject matter experts ready to meet your challenges and keep you current.


Bringing on a new Full Time Employee is a big commitment where many factors come in to play. We work with you to understand your expectations, the technical expertise needed, and your company culture. Establishing this partnership allows us to tailor our search to source & qualify talent who are an optimal fit across all areas that matter to you. JMS also offers contract-to-hire staffing services. This is a low-risk option for hard to fill positions, or for feeling out the ideal candidate for a new role within a company.


Whether your plans require one additional person, or many, we provide the temporary support necessary to meet your objectives.
Once we gain an understanding of your project portfolio, we strategize our search efforts to provide you qualified people with respect to your timeline and budget. Our recruitment team has developed a diverse network of consultants through years of specializing in Information Technology.


When projects arise that require specialized resources, we work with our trusted partners to assemble the subject matter experts you need.
Should your upcoming initiatives include integrations, implementations- or any one-time solutions, our project-based & outsourcing services could be an option for you.


Our PMO Group specializes solely in all things project management. From Business Analysts, Project Managers, Change Analysts and more, anything associated with the PMO is covered. 

Some positions that we place:

• Application Developers
• Business Analysts
• Business Intelligence
• Cloud Consultants
• Designers
• Engineers
• Web Developers
• Help Desk
• Network Admins
• Salesforce Consultants
• User Experience
• Web Professionals

Why JMS?

Why should I use a staffing agency to help me find candidates? It’s hard to find talented professionals! At JMS, we do far more than just read your job description and try to match skill sets. We work with our customers to understand the full picture. It is important to understand a company culture, any specifications about the position that may not be in a printed job description. We understand that onboarding a new employee takes a great many resources. That’s why we are committed to finding top talent that will help you with your mission.

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We appreciate your interest in JMS Technical Solutions. If you have any questions about our IT Consulting or Direct Placement offerings and would like to speak with a JMS Technical Solutions specialist, please contact us.