For any 1 position, there are at least 5 other people interviewing. How will you stand out from the competition? Last year, we wrote a post about Not Blowing Your Last Impression – the “Thank You” letter. Now, we have put together a few tips to have a great Thank You letter!

With a Thank You letter like this, you’re better off not sending one.

This is an actual Thank You letter we received from a candidate!

This is an actual Thank You letter we received from a candidate!


Often times, the Thank You letter will remind the hiring manager about what you spoke with during the interview. Here are some of our tips that managers have told us they like to see in a Thank You letter:


1. Avoid Templates!

Do not use a template for your Thank You letters. Each job, interview, and hiring manager is different.  You are better off not sending a Thank You, than sending just a basic template.

2. Be Very Specific about how you can help

Add information that will help the hiring manager remember your interview. Did you speak about the types of projects you worked on? Add that to the Thank You letter and explain how it will help in the company’s projects.   Share an idea that might help them

3. Don’t be afraid to show your interest level

Are you still interested in the opportunity after meeting with the manager or team? Let them know that!

4. Have a call to action

At the end, add a next step. Was it a phone interview? List some times you would be available to come in for an in person interview. If it was an in person interview, possibly state when you would be able to start.

5.  Be Creative

Stand out by sending a letter in the mail as opposed to email.

Above all else, be sure to send a Thank You later! It may be the deciding factor in you are being offered the position!