Customer Experience is exploding as a huge discipline.  To delight customers, you first have to delight your employees.

This week, Starbucks announced that they are offering employees college tuition.

Venti Starbucks

Like many, my morning routine consists of heading to the local Starbucks to get my Venti coffee.  There is very little turnover amongst the Baristas at my two local Starbucks.  For the past few years, it’s generally been the same people – they know my drink and always make it a pleasant experience.

It’s well known that Starbucks also offers all of their employees, even part time workers, health benefits.  This translates into an excellent customer experience!

Your employees are ALL ambassadors

Some may argue that in a retail environment, the Baristas are customer facing and perhaps your organization does not need to make a similar investment.  Today’s workforce are all customer facing in a way.  With all of the social tools out there- Glassdoor, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc – you have to treat each employee as an ambassador and as customer facing.


There is a huge risk if you do not invest in your employees and a huge reward if you do.  Of course, not everyone is the CEO of Starbucks.  Many of us cannot walk into work tomorrow and declare that you will pay employee tuition – but you must think about what you can do today to delight your employees as well as customers!

What you are doing to delight your employees?  Starbucks Friday?  Team lunches? Work/life balance initiatives?

Please share in a comment below! I’d love to hear your suggestions!