Recently, I asked my LinkedIn network “What is more important in accepting a new job offer, a large pay raise or a great benefits package?” I added an extra option, “looking at the big picture” and sat back and thought about which one may be most important in accepting an offer.


Large pay:

Something to consider when thinking about accepting a job offer is “is the money worth it?” I have heard the argument that “companies slash benefits all the time once you’re already tuck there. Very rarely do they give pay cuts” It is an excellent point to consider!

Great Benefits:

There are some things benefits can give you that good pay can’t. If you’re making a lot of money but each time you go to the doctor you have to pay $200 because of your company’s health insurance plan, is it worth it? Also consider the amount of paid time off. Would you be willing to take a slight pay cut for a company that offers a pension?  Plug time – our company offers 100% paid health insurance benefits – a nice perk!  Are other perks important to you?

The Big Picture:

Do  you take the “big picture” into consideration when accepting a job offer? Would you want to work somewhere that will challenge you and help you grow in your profession, if it was less pay or not quite the huge raise you were expecting? What if you got an offer to work at a start-up even though they couldn’t offer benefits. Would you be interested in the opportunity to grow with a company?

There may not be one definite answer, but leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts and what is most important to you!