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Agile Management Nuts and Bolts

During this digital transformation era, it is time to rethink your project management approach if you wish to maintain full-life cycle improvements in your products or services. The agile methodology utilizes flexible, highly adaptable incremental bursts of development for continuous advancement that boosts a project’s success rate. 

Agile Methodology

What is agile? Originally developed to work through barriers and challenges that come with software development, agile methodology operates in many business sectors to create products and services. Some of the advantages the technique delivers are: 

  • Enhanced productivity and streamlined process efficiency
  • Fosters team collaboration and feedback
  • Strengthens transparency
  • Deliverables of superior quality focused on clients particulars
  • Reduces the probability of overlooked targets and objectives 
  • Quickly identifies problems and rapidly adapts to solutions
  • Improved communication and stakeholders’ engagement, retention and approval

Version One’s survey 11th Annual State of Agile survey demonstrates the implementation rates of prominent industries. These include software (23%), financial services (14%), professional services (12), insurance (6%), healthcare (6%), government (5%), telecoms (4%), transportation (4%) and manufacturing (4%). 

Transferable Skills

What does it take? As a talented agile project manager, you can up your game by concentrating your skills growth in the following areas.  Focus on the vital, indispensable work by spotting the wasted use of resources, in the work force, and pointless or redundant work. Be able to function well under pressure, with the capacity to stay calm and continuously use good judgment. 

In order to guide teams during the full project, you must be a compelling coach and motivator with robust prioritization and organization expertise.  The agile method thrives on the ability to think, pivot, with rapid discernment and decision making as situations change. In turn, you must be able to minimize confusion, misunderstandings, and risks as you ramp up adaptability. 


How does the method work? The agile method brings 12 individual guiding principles that, when combined as a whole, help ensure broad organizational alignment in the process.  It works by placing customer satisfaction as the number one priority. This is accomplished by providing quick, high-quality service. Teams are to expect change and not fear it. Instead, they use it to their advantage to produce the client’s product or service at a greater frequency.  By daily face-to-face, constant, ongoing communication and pace, with teams, departments, stakeholders and C-suite, agile fosters collaboration, motivation, trust and sustainability. 

Everyone aligns and supports colleagues with the needed resources and tools for optimal project success. Teams use regular checking in, sprint intervals that fine tune priorities, ideas, behaviors, and efficiency. A critical element is a simplicity through which self-organizing teams have the highest probability in meeting the specific conditions. Lastly, the measure of excellence and performance success is the operational design of a product or service. 

Benchmark Knowledge

The demand for agile professionals is on the rise. There are in-depth training and certificates that concentration on taking your career to the next level in agile methodology. The seven agile-focused certifications are Scrum Alliance, Agile Certification Institute, Scaled Agile Academy, PMI-ACP, International Consortium for Agile (IC Agile), APMG International and earning either an Associate’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Strategyex Certificate in agile. 

In the era of digital transformation, teams must learn to deliver high quality, better products in an expeditious manner. Agile is a solution that fits the interactive workplace and can ensure alignment of operations as a whole. 

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