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Build High-Performing IT and PMO Teams With JMS

Looking for senior technical recruiters you can trust? Put our experience and connections to work for you. We’ve been building relationships with tech talent since 2009 and can quickly deliver exceptional candidates tailored to your job descriptions and team culture. Candidates trust us because we speak the language of tech. But it’s not just our talk – we deliver what we promise to candidates and to our clients.

If you are facing a pressing project or challenging hire, we’re ready to help.

National Tech Recruiting Firm With a Proven Track Record of Success

JMS serves at a trusted resource to companies of all sizes as they seek to find technical resources. For over a decade, we’ve been building bridges between companies in all industries and the most highly skilled and coveted tech workers.

We want to be your single source of truth for top-quality IT and PMO talent. Whether you need full recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) or short-term staffing, we have you covered.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If you’re tired of spending too much time on recruiting and hiring, consider our full-cycle RPO service. We offer a dedicated recruiting team, proven workflows, and smart technology to make the hire happen.
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Hire Salesforce Talent

Are you looking to add Salesforce expertise to your team? JMS can help. Our staffing agency specializes in providing companies with top-notch Salesforce professionals who can hit the ground running.

Whether you need a Salesforce developer to help customize your dashboards, a consultant to provide strategic guidance, or a project manager to lead your implementation, we have the resources. Our recruiting specialists have years of experience in the industry and can quickly match you with the right Salesforce expert.

Our services don’t stop at matching you with the right candidate. We also provide ongoing support to ensure your project stays on track and your new hire is successful. Plus, we offer flexible staffing solutions that allow you to scale as needed.

Don’t struggle to find the Salesforce talent you need on your own. Let JMS handle it.

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