Whether you’re a company looking for skilled IT resources or a tech expert searching for a professional home, we can help.

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JMS Is the IT Hiring Resource You Need to Solve Staffing Challenges

JMS has tech talent. We’ve been building our pipelines with high-quality IT talent for more than a decade. These long-term relationships with extremely qualified candidates are like a golden ticket for any company seeking IT expertise.

From startups to mid-levels to enterprise organizations, we aim to create a candidate experience that will attract, develop, and nurture your future employees. It’s more than what we do; it’s our passion.

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What Can JMS Do for Your Business?

Here are some examples:

Flexible Contract Tech Experts for Short- and Long-Term Projects

Example: A financial enterprise organization with global reach realizes they lack the talent to innovate their aging tech infrastructures by moving them to the cloud. JMS can find short-term IT contract talent to modernize the organization’s architectures while keeping them highly secure and compliant. If you then decide you want to make a permanent offer to the person, a contract-to-hire option is available.

Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO)

Example: A Salesforce Implementation partner needs to hire at scale as they win projects. JMS can customize a recruitment program to help them achieve seamless, cost effective, on demand hiring success.

Permanent Placement

Example: A startup healthcare company backed by top investors needs to scale their IT staff to bring their vision to life. JMS can find permanent tech talent to build the team and give investors their money’s worth.

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Ready for a career change? Want to work smarter? JMS works elbow-to-elbow with skilled tech workers to represent them to leading companies in the U.S. We can open the door to the opportunities you’ve been dreaming about.

Our efforts to represent you to top employers is completely free.

Every recruiter at JMS is motivated to help you meet your employment goals. We work tirelessly to understand your needs, wants, and priorities. Then we prep you for interviews and serve as your on-the-ground advocate to top employers. We can even help you negotiate salary. JMS recruiters handle all this legwork –and more – for our valued IT candidates.

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