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David Clar, President, Flower City Communications

Digital service or app with data transfering

I have had a very difficult time finding somebody who was the right fit for an IT role in our company. I had been trying many different avenues on my own and with another talent acquisition company for about six months without any success. These were ways I had found people in the past but was not having luck this time. I was referred to JMS by a trusted friend who had just used them to fill a role and I am so grateful for that. Alyssa was amazing to work with. She sent me prequalified candidates to review and quickly to a feel for what I was looking for and the type of work that they’d be doing. She dug deep and found the perfect candidate for us. I know she spend a lot of time hearing form the candidate and listening to him as he deliberated making a job change. From the beginning to end, JMS was easy to work with, professional and I look forward to paying this referral forward to whomever I can.

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